Fujitsu MHT2-AH Mobile HDD - 40.0GB 5400RPM Ultra ATA-100Mb/s 8MB Cache 2.5" 9.5mm Laptop Hard Drive - MHT2040AH


Warranty1 Year Warranty
AvailabilityYes - Ships in 1 to 2 Days
ManufacturerFujitsu Corporation
SeriesFujitsu MHT2-AH Mobile HDD
UPC CodeDoes Not Apply

Product Specs

Product Specs
Capacity40.0 GB
Spindle Speed5400 RPM Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) Motor
Cache Buffer8 MB Intelligent Caching
Advanced FormatNo - 512 Sector Size (Bytes)
Form Factor2.5 Inch Internal Hard Drive
InterfacePATA (EIDE Ultra-DMA ATA-6)
Interface SpeedUltra DMA Mode-5 - ATA-6 100MB/sec
Data Transfer Rateup to 100MB/sec Host to/from Drive (Sustained)
Interface ConnectorPATA (44-Pin Signal/Power and 4-Pin Jumper)
Recording TechnologyPerpendicular Giant Magnetoresistive Recording (GMR) Technology
Life Expectancy20,000 Power On Hours (POH) / 5 Years Component Design Life
Workload Rating300,000 Hours MTBF (Mean Time Before Failures) / 300,000 (Load/Unload Cycles)
Shock ResistanceOperating: 225Gs / 2ms - Non Operating: 900Gs / 1ms (half sine wave)
EncryptionNo - Standard Model
Rohs CompliantYes
Dimensions(L x W x H) 100.0mm x 70.0mm x 9.5mm
Part NumberCA06377-B024, CA06377-B034
ClassificationPerformance Drives

Key Features

  • Capacities up to 180.0GB
  • 5400 RPM Spindle Speed Motor
  • MTBF of 300,000 Hours
  • Read Ahead Caching Technology
  • Low Power Consumption
  • High Shock Tolerance
  • Ultra Quiet Intelligent Seek Technology
  • Closed Loop Actuator Servo with Auto Lock
  • Revolving Voice Coil Motor (VCM) for Actuator
  • Advanced Power Management Technology/li>
  • Ramp Loading and Drive Stabilization Technology
  • Perpendicular Giant Magnetoresistive Recording (GMR) Technology
  • Read Multiple and Write Multiple Command Support
  • Thermal Fly Height Control (TFC) Technology
  • Full-Track Multiple-Sector Transfer Capability
  • On-the-Fly Error-Correction (ECC) Technology
  • Multi Zone Recording Technology
  • Whisper Quiet with Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) Motors

Fujitsu MHT2-AH Mobile HDD Series

Experience workstation-like performance on the road without sacrificing acoustics, durability, or power-efficiency.

The days of tolerating lower performance for mobility are over. The Fujitsu MHT-AH Series blends 5,400-RPM performance, high areal density and a low-profile, 9.5-mm form factor to deliver the characteristics today’s mobile applications demand. Fourth-generation Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) motors enable 5,400-RPM spindle speeds, which significantly improve data throughput over 4,200-RPM disk drives. The FDB motors also help limit acoustic output and increase shock-tolerance. High areal densities up to 69GB/sq. in., combined with Spin Valve GMR heads, Synthetic Ferri-magnetic and GDT media, and an 8MB buffer also contribute to the MHT-AH Series’ outstanding performance. Available in 40GB, 60GB and 80GB capacities, they provide ample data storage for multimedia presentations, digital audio and video, and graphics.

   Key Features

  • High areal densities achieve 40GB, 60GB, and 80GB capacities within a low-profile, 9.5-mm form factor
  • High shock tolerance (900G, 1 ms, non-operating; 225G, 2 ms operating) for exceptional toughness
  • Fourth-generation Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) motors dramatically reduce acoustic noise
  • Low track-to-track seek times, ATA-100 interface, 8MB buffer, and 5,400 RPM spindle speed deliver outstanding performance
  • Covered by a three-year Limited Warranty

   Best Fit Applications

  • Laptops
  • Notebooks
  • Small Form Factor PC's
  • For TV and DVR Recorder
  • External Storage
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