Toshiba Enterprise Capacity HDD - 3TB 7200RPM 512n SAS 6Gb/s 64MB Cache 3.5" Enterprise Class Hard Drive - MG03SCA300


Warranty1 Year Warranty
AvailabilityYes - Ships in 1 to 2 Days
ManufacturerToshiba Corporation
SeriesToshiba MG03SCA Enterprise Capacity Hard Drive
UPC Code696859079221

Product Specs

Product Specs
Capacity3 TB
Spindle Speed7200 RPM Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) Motor
Cache Buffer64 MiB Dynamic DRAM Caching
Advanced FormatNo - 5xxn Native (Bytes per Sector: 512, 520, 524, 528)
Form Factor3.5 Inch Internal Hard Drive
InterfaceSAS-2.0 6Gbit/sec (Generation 2)
Interface Speed6Gbits/sec - Data Transfer Rate (max) Buffer to Host
Data Transfer Rate155 MiB/sec Host to/from Drive (Max Sustained)
Interface ConnectorSAS (Single 29-Pin SFF-8482 Connector)
Interface NoteSupports Dual Ported Operation
Recording TechnologyPerpendicular Magnetic-Resistive Recording (MR) Technology
Life Expectancy1.2 Million Hours MTTF (Mean Time To Failures) / 8760 Power on Hours per year (24x7)
Workload Rating180 TB/yr (Workload Rate Limit) / 600,000 (Load/Unload Cycles)
Shock ResistanceOperating: 70Gs / 2ms - Non Operating: 300Gs / 2ms (half sine wave)
EncryptionNo - Standard Model
Rohs CompliantYes
Dimensions(L x W x H) 147.0mm x 101.6mm x 26.1mm
Part NumberHDEPC01GEA51
ClassificationEnterprise Class Drives

Key Features

  • Capacities up to 4TB
  • Built to run in 24/7 (always-on) Servers
  • 7200 RPM Spindle Speed Motor
  • Dynamic DRAM Caching Technology
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Rotational Vibration (RV) Technology
  • Ultra Quiet Silent Seek Technology
  • Toshiba Ramp Loading and Drive Stabilization Technology
  • Rotary Voice Coil Motor (VM) Actuator
  • Toshiba Stable Platter Technology
  • Advanced Power Management Technology
  • Perpendicular Magnetic-Resistive Recording (MR) Technology
  • Read Multiple and Write Multiple Command Support
  • Native Command Queuing (NCQ) Technology
  • Thermal Fly Height Control (TFC) Technology
  • Full-Track Multiple-Sector Transfer Capability
  • On-the-Fly Error-Correction (ECC) Technology
  • MTTF of 1.2 Million Hours
  • Staggered Spin-up Technology
  • Multi Zone Recording Technology
  • Whisper Quiet with Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) Motors

Toshiba MG03SCA Enterprise Capacity HDD

The Toshiba MG03SCA Enterprise Capacity HDD models provide capacities up to 4TB and 7,200 RPM performance, in a robust design engineered for nearline business-critical workloads. The MG03SCA series utilizes industry standard 3.5-inch 26.1mm height form factor and is equipped with a SAS 6.0 Gbit/s interface for optimum capacity and application compatibility. The large capacity per spindle of the Enterprise MG03SCA models help save rack space and reduce the footprint and operational burden of business critical servers and storage systems. The Toshiba MG030SCA series leverages the expertise and history of Toshiba in enterprise class storage and offers similar features as traditional enterprise class drives including 24 x 7 operation, Error Correction (ECC) and a 5-year warranty.

   Key Features

  • Up to 4TB Capacity
  • 7200 RPM Performance
  • Dual Port 6.0 Gbit/s SAS Interface
  • 24x7 Operation
  • Enhanced Power Condition State Technology
  • Vibration Compensation Technology for Multi-Drive Systems
  • 180TB per year Workload Rating
  • SAS 6Gbs Interface Performance

   Best Fit Applications

  • Engineered for Mid-Line / Nearline Business Critical Workloads
  • Tier 2 Business Critical Servers and Storage
  • Servers Supporting Application Workload that Benefit from Large Capacity per Spindle
  • Capacity-Optimized Data Center Storage Systems
  • Moderate Workload Cloud Data Centers
  • Scale Out Storage
  • Replicated Data Environments
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