Western Digital SN740 - 256GB PCIe NVMe Gen-4.0 x4 TLC NAND Flash HMB-SLC Cache M.2 NGFF 2230 Solid State Drive - SDDPTQD-256G


Warranty5 Year Manufacturer Warranty
AvailabilityYes - Ships in 1 to 2 Days
ManufacturerWestern Digital Corporation
SeriesWestern Digital PC SN740 NVMe SSD

Product Specs

Product Specs
Capacity256 GB
Cache Buffer64MB Host-Memory-Buffer (HMB) Pseudo-SLC Caching
Flash TypeToshiba/SanDisk BiCS5 112-layer 3D-TLC NAND Flash Memory (Tri-Level Cell)
ControllerWD SanDisk 20-82-10081-A1 (in House) 4-Channel Controller
Form FactorM.2 2230-S3-M (M Key Single Sided)
Interface SpeedPCIe NVMe 1.4b Generation 4.0 x4 (4-Lanes)
Interface ConnectorM.2 NGFF (M Key)
Max Sequential Readup to 4,000 MB/sec (Queues = 32, Threads = 1)
Max Sequential Writeup to 2,000 MB/sec (Queues = 32, Threads = 1)
4K Random Readup to 270,000K IOPS (Queues = 32, Threads = 8)
4K Random Writeup to 470,000K IOPS (Queues = 32, Threads = 8)
SSD Endurance200 TBW (Total Bytes Written)
Life Expectancy1.75 Million Hours (MTBF Mean Time Between Failures)
Shock Resistance1,500G @0.5 ms half sine, 3 pulses per face
Ecc RecoveryLow-Density Parity Check (LDPC) Error Correction Technology
EncryptionTCG Pyrite 2.01; ATA Security Passthrough over NVMe
Rohs CompliantYes
Dimensions(L x W x H) 30.0mm x 22.0mm x 2.38mm
Power ConsumptionPeak Power (10us) - 4.7W / Average Active Power - 50mW / Sleep (PS5) - 3.3mW
NotesBackwards Compatible with PCIe NVMe Generation 3.0 System Boards
ClassificationPro Level Drives

Key Features

  • Fast Start-Up, Loading and File Transfers
  • Shock and Vibration Resistant
  • PCIe NVMe Generation 4.0, up to 16Gb/s with 4 Lanes
  • Backwards Compatible with Generation 3.0 NVMe Systems
  • WD SanDisk in House Controller
  • Toshiba/SanDisk 3D-TLC NAND Flash Memory
  • MTTF of 1.75 Million Hours
  • Host-Memory-Buffer (HMB) Tiered nCache 4.0 SLC Caching
  • Active Garbage Collection
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Bad Block Management Technology
  • Dynamic and Static Wear Leveling Technology
  • Dynamic Write Acceleration Technology
  • Host Control Thermal Management (HCTM) Technology
  • Adaptive Thermal Throttling Technology
  • Trim Support Technology
  • Enhanced Defect and Error Management Technology
  • Multi-Gear Hardware LDPC ECC Technology
  • TCG Pyrite 2.01; ATA Security Technology

Western Digital PC SN740 NVMe SSD

Innovation Through the PCIe Generation 4.0 Interface

The Western Digital PC SN740 NVMe SSD resets expectations in performance through innovating with the scalable NVMe architecture bringing a new standard for what users can expect from their storage.

The Western Digital PC SN740 provides the computing customer looking for thin and longer lasting mobile devices with a solution that does not sacrifice performance and offers a range of capacities from 256GB to 2TB.

Versatility Takes a Step Forward

With PCIe Generation 4.0 x4 compatibility, the PC SN740 is designed to provide higher performance with lower power draw.

A fully integrated solution, the PC SN740 is designed with Western Digital’s own in-house controller, 3D NAND and firmware all while going through rigorous testing to provide a reliable and robust supply.

The Western Digital PC SN740 NVMe SSD provides performance to meet tomorrow’s challenging workloads with read speeds of up to 5,150 MB/s (1TB and 2TB models) and write speeds of up to 4,900 MB/s (1TB model) and endurance of up to 500 TBW (2TB model). All this comes in a small and thin but powerful form factor.

Design Flexibility

With future-ready, scalable NVMe architecture, the Western Digital PC SN740 NVMe SSD offers a robust solution to fuel generations of innovative IoT applications. Scalable NVMe offers a significant performance increase over SATA SSDs while further optimizing low power consumption to the low level of 65mW.

This NVMe SSD enables greater design flexibility for IoT and embedded customers, who seek a cost effective, small form factor, reliable and rugged storage device with low capacity points from 256GB to 2TB.

Robust Construction Suited for IoT

The Western Digital PC SN740 NVMe SSD, supporting PCIe Generation 4.0 x4, is designed for applications that have a limited number of PCIe lanes available for storage, however, require both high performance and low power. Partners that could benefit from NVMe technology include:

  • Commercial: Interactive kiosks, ATMs and Point-of-Sales (POS), Multi-Functional Printers (MFP) and industries that require high-volume transaction processing.
  • Edge Equipment and IoT Gateway: Such as network equipment, industrial machinery, medical equipment, or embedded PC that need the high capacities to capture the floor’s and sensors’ data and the high IOPS to support the system’s data analytics.
  • Media Content Delivery and Streaming: In-flight entertainment systems, train control and monitoring systems, data recorder and video surveillance that require high capacity and reliability.

Versatile Options for IoT

Equipped with a fully integrated solution which includes in-house controller, 112-layer 3D NAND, firmware, and testing, Western Digital provides longevity, supply and a robust and reliable design.

Designed with Western Digital’s in-house tiered-caching NVMe architecture, the Western Digital PC SN740 NVMe SSD delivers high performance with sequential read and write speeds up to 5,150MB/s and 4,850MB/s respectively and high endurance up to 500 TBW, all of which are available in two small form factors SSDs: M.2 2230 and M.2 2280.


The Western Digital PC SN740 NVMeTM SSD enables manufacturers to create thin and light systems that are ready to accept the challenge of tomorrows demanding workloads with a balance of performance and power efficiency.

   Key Benefits and Features:

  • Read speeds up to 5,150MB/s and low power consumption leverages both the PCIe NVMe Generation 4.0 x4 interface, as well as sophisticated NVMe Power Management.
  • 256GB to 2TB capacities available in two small form factors: M.2 2230 and M.2 2280.
  • Endurance of up to 500 TBW.
  • 5 year limited warranty.

   Key Applications

  • Laptops
  • Ultrabooks
  • Industrial PCs
  • Ultra-Mobile PCs
  • 2-in-1 Notebook PCs
  • IoT/Embedded Devices
  • Interactive Kiosks
  • ATMs and Point of Sales (POS)
  • Multi-Functional Printers (MFP)
  • Server and Storage Array Boot Drives
  • Network Equipment
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Medical Equipment
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