Hitachi Travelstar 5K750 - 640GB 5400RPM SATA II 3Gb/s 8MB Cache 2.5" 9.5mm Laptop Hard Drive - HTS547564A9E384


Warranty1 Year Warranty
AvailabilityYes - Ships in 1 to 2 Days
ManufacturerHGST Hitachi Global Storage Technology
SeriesHitachi Travelstar 5K750
UPC Code829686001763

Product Specs

Product Specs
Capacity640 GB
Spindle Speed5400 RPM Fluid Dynamic (FDB) Motor
Cache Buffer8 MB Segmented Caching
Advanced FormatYes - (logical 512e / physical 4096)
Form Factor2.5 Inch Internal Hard Drive
InterfaceSATA II 3Gb/sec (Generation 2)
Interface Speed3Gb/sec - Data Transfer Rate (max) Buffer to Host
Data Transfer Rate996 Mbits/sec Media Disk Buffer Data Transfer Rate (max)
Interface ConnectorSATA (7-Pin Signal and 15-Pin Power Connector)
Recording TechnologyPerpendicular Tunneling Magnetoresistive Recording (TMR) Technology
Life Expectancy20,000 Power On Hours (POH) or 5 Years Component Design Life
Workload Rating< 55 TB/yr (Workload Rate Limit) / 600,000 (Load/Unload Cycles)
Shock ResistanceOperating: 400Gs / 2ms - Non Operating: 1000Gs / 1ms (half sine wave)
EncryptionNo - Standard Model
Rohs CompliantYes
Dimensions(L x W x H) 100.5mm x 70.0mm x 9.5mm
Part Number0J11562
ClassificationMainstream Drives

Key Features

  • Capacities up to 750GB
  • 5400RPM Rotational Speed Motor
  • Enhanced Adaptive Battery Life Extender (ABLE) Technology
  • Read Multiple and Write Multiple Command Support
  • Segmented Caching Technology
  • Dual Stage Actuator (DSA) Technology
  • Embedded Servo Actuator Technology
  • TrueTrack Technology
  • Perpendicular Tunneling Magnetoresistive Recording (TMR) Technology
  • 600,000 Load/Unload Cycles for Data Integrity
  • Native Command Queuing (NCQ) Technology
  • Full-Track Multiple-Sector Transfer Capability
  • State-of-the-Art Cache and On-the-Fly Error-Correction Algorithms
  • Thermal Fly Height Control (TFC) Technology
  • Enhanced Error Correction Code (ECC) Technology
  • Staggered Spin-up Technology
  • Multi Zone Recording Technology
  • Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) Motors
  • BDE Encryption and SED TCG OPAL Encryption Models

Hitachi HGST Travelstar 5K750 Hard Drives

High-Capacity Storage Paves the Way for New Mobile Platforms

Travelstar 5K750 is a 5400 RPM, 375GB/platter, 2.5-inch hard drive with capacities of 500GB, 640GB and 750GB. This standard 9.5mm, two-disk design, intended for use in notebook PCs, external storage, gaming consoles and other mobile applications, is HGST’s first to leverage Advanced Format. Advanced Format increases the physical sector size on hard drives from 512 bytes to 4096 (4K) bytes, which increases drive capacities and improves error correction capabilities. The Travelstar 5K750 allows manufacturers to deliver high capacity, power efficient systems. Manufacturers can consult the HGST Advanced Format Technology Brief for more information on using these hard drives. The 5K750 continues to demonstrate HGST’s ecological leadership, with its halogen-free and low power products, and carries the EcoTrac classification. Travelstar 5K750 delivers the balance of capacity, ruggedness and low-power to meet the needs of consumers and commercial users in an eco-friendly design.

Encryption Option

Travelstar 5K750 is the fifth generation self-encrypting drive (SED) to feature HGST’s Bulk Data Encryption. The SED encrypts data using protected keys in real time, providing users the highest level of data protection available. It also speeds and simplifies drive re-purposing. By deleting the encryption key, the data on the drive is rendered unreadable, thereby eliminating the need for time consuming data overwrite. For information about the SED models designed to the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) Opal Storage Security specification, please contact your HGST representative.

Enhanced Availability (EA)—For 24x7 Access to Data

HGST provides enhanced availability models that allow the Travelstar 5K750 to deliver 24x7 access to data for data intensive applications requiring round-the-clock operation. The 5K750 provides high capacity, durability and low power utilization on a proven platform for quality and reliability. EA models support the stringent demands of “always-on” applications in lower-transaction environments.


  • Up to 750GB of Capacity
  • Advanced Format, Industry Standard 4K Sector Size
  • 512 Byte Emulation (512e)
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Halogen Free for Eco-Friendly Design
  • Self Encrypting Models for Data Security
  • Enhanced Availability (EA) Models for applications needing around-the-clock access in lower-transaction environments.

   Applications / Environments

  • Notebooks
  • Laptops
  • External Storage
  • Gaming PCs
  • Small Form Factor Video Devices
  • Blade Servers (EA)
  • Network Routers (EA)
  • Video Surveillance (EA)
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