Western Digital Purple - 1TB 5400RPM SATA III 6Gb/s 64MB Cache 3.5" Surveillance Hard Drive - WD11PURZ


Warranty3 Year Manufacturer
AvailabilityIn Stock
ManufacturerWestern Digital Corporation
SeriesWD Purple Surveillance Hard Drive SC HA520
UPC Code718037896687

Product Specs

Product Specs
Capacity1 TB
Spindle Speed5400 RPM Fluid Dynamic (FDB) Motor
Cache Buffer64 MB CacheFlow Disk Caching
Advanced FormatYes (logical 512e / physical 4096)
Form Factor3.5 Inch Internal Hard Drive
InterfaceSATA III 6Gb/sec (Generation 3)
Interface Speed6Gb/sec - Data Transfer Rate (max) Buffer to Host
Data Transfer Rateup to 180MB/sec Host to/from Drive (Sustained)
Interface ConnectorSATA (7-Pin Signal and 15-Pin Power Connector)
Interface NoteBackwards Compatible with SATA II 3Gb/sec and SATA I 1.5Gb/sec
Recording TechnologyConventional Magnetic Recording (CMR) Technology
Life Expectancy1,000,000 Hours MTBF (Mean Time Before Failures)
Workload Rating180 TB/yr (Workload Rate Limit) / 300,000 (Load/Unload Cycles)
Shock ResistanceOperating: 30Gs write (2ms) / 65Gs read (2ms) - Non Operating: 250Gs (2ms)
Rohs CompliantYes
Dimensions(L x W x H) 5.787 in. x 4.0 in. x 1.028 in.
NameWestern Digital Purple - 1TB 5400RPM SATA III 6Gb/s 64MB Cache 3.5" Surveillance Hard Drive - WD11PURZ
Part NumberWD11PURZ
ClassificationVideo Surveillance Drives

Key Features

  • Built to run in 24/7 (always-on) Environments
  • Support for up to 8 Drive Bays
  • Supports up to 64 Single Stream Cameras
  • MTBF of up to 1 Million Hours
  • Workload Rating of 180TB per Year
  • Hot Plug (hot swapping) Support
  • WD's AllFrame 4K Technology
  • Built in Rotational Vibration (RV) Sensor Technology
  • Command Queuing Technology
  • Magnetic (CMR) Recording Technology
  • Dynamic Fly Height Control Technology
  • WD's CacheFlow Disk Caching Technology
  • WD's IntelliSeek Technology
  • Pre-emptive Wear Leveling (PWL) Technology
  • NoTouch Ramp Load Technology
  • Dual Actuator Technology
  • Femto Slider (read/write heads) Technology
  • Staggered Spin-Up Technology
  • Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) Motors

WD Purple Surveillance Hard Drives

The Right Drive for Smart Video Surveillance

WD Purple drives are designed to meet the challenges of 24x7 video surveillance recording. These drives are engineered specifically for surveillance to help withstand the elevated heat fluctuations and equipment vibrations within NVR environments. An average desktop drive is built to run for only short intervals, not the harsh 24/7 always-on environment of a high-definition surveillance system. With WD Purple drives, you get reliable, surveillance-class storage that’s tested for compatibility in a wide range of security systems. Exclusive WD AllFrame technology helps reduce frame loss and improve overall video playback.

  • Industry Leading Storage. Surveillance You Can Trust: Western Digital has provided surveillance-grade storage for more than a decade. With WD Purple surveillance storage, drives are engineered for high temperature, always-on surveillance systems so you can rely on quality video when you need it most. WD Purple delivers smart video storage that you can trust and are backed by a 3-year limited warranty.
  • Multiple Cameras, Multiple Streams: Modern recorders now support multiple video streams per camera. WD Purple drives support up to 64 single-stream HD cameras. Modern recorders now support multiple video streams per camera. Select WD Purple drives support up to 64 single stream HD cameras. With so many options, you have the flexibility to upgrade or expand your security applications in the future.
  • Western Digital’s Exclusive AllFrame Technology: All WD Purple drives are equipped with AllFrame technology, which improves ATA streaming to help reduce frame loss, improve overall video playback, and increase the number of hard drive bays supported within a NVR. Help make your surveillance solution future ready knowing that WD Purple drives are ready for ultra high definition cameras. WD Purple capacities up to 8TB feature AllFrame 4K technology enabling high quality recording for up to 64 cameras. WD Purple 10TB, 12TB, 14TB & 18TB capacities feature AllFrame AI technology that enables not only recording up to 64 cameras, but also an additional 32 streams for Deep Learning analytics within the system.
  • Enhanced Workload Ratings: WD Purple drives with AllFrame 4K technology feature a workload rating of up to 180TB/year - up to three times that of desktop drives - to handle the unique demands of modern video surveillance DVR and NVR systems. WD Purple drives with AllFrame AI technology feature a workload rating up to 360TB/year to support the Deep Learning analytics that is featured in AI capable NVRs.
  • Expand your View to 64: Each WD Purple drive is optimized to support up to 64 cameras. With so many options, you have the flexibility to upgrade or expand your security system in the future.
  • Designed for Reliable Operation: Engineered for reliability with an MTBF of up to 1 million hours and backed with a 3-year limited warranty, WD Purple drives feature tarnish-resistant components and support for storage systems with up to 16 drive bays. WD Purple hard drives are designed with RAID error recovery control to help reduce failures in supported video recorders.
  • Field Proven High Capacity: Now on its 5th generation, field-proven HelioSeal technology delivers trusted high- capacity WD Purple storage (10TB, 12TB, and 14TB) for the massive storage needs of 4K surveillance video and Deep Learning analytics.
  • Wide Compatibility. Seamless Integration: WD Purple hard drives are built with compatibility in mind, so you can quickly and seamlessly add capacity to your surveillance system. With a wide range of industry leading enclosures and chipsets supported, you’re sure to find the DVR or NVR configuration that’s right for you.
  • Low Power. High efficiency: With our exclusive IntelliSeek technology, WD Purple drives are able to calculate optimum seek speeds. This keeps power consumption low so ambient noise and vibrations are at a minimum.
  • Proactive Storage Management with WDDA: Western Digital Device Analytics (WDDA) provides a wealth of storage device parametric operational and diagnostic data to the system; algorithms interpret the data and direct the system to alert system administrators of specific recommended actions to address potential issues. WDDA is intended to empower OEMs, system integrators, and IT professionals to better monitor and proactively manage supported storage devices to maintain optimal operation.
  • Three Year Limited Warranty: As an industry-leading hard drive manufacturer, WD stands behind their surveillance storage solutions with a 3-year limited warranty included with every WD Purple drive.


      Product Features

  • Hot Plug Support — SATA supports hot plugging (also known as “hot swapping”), the ability to swap out a failed hard drive without having to power down the system or reboot. This capability contributes to both data availability and serviceability without any associated downtime, making it a critical feature for extending SATA into enterprise applications.
  • CacheFlow Technology — WD’s unique, multi-generation caching algorithm evaluates the way data is read from and written to the drive and adapts “on-the-fly” to the optimum read and write caching methods. CacheFlow minimizes disk seek operations and overheads due to rotational latency. CacheFlow supports sequential and random write cache. With write cache and other CacheFlow features, the user can cache both read and write data. The cache can hold multiple writes and collectively write them to the hard disk.
  • IntelliSeek — Calculates optimum seek speeds to lower power consumption, noise, and vibration.
  • Dynamic Fly Height Control — Designed to compensate for head/media separation changes due to temperature and altitude. This feature adds video quality margins across temperature and altitude changes.
  • Dual Stage Actuator Technology — A head positioning system with dual-stage actuators that improves positioning accuracy over the data track(s). The primary stage provides course displacement; the secondary stage uses piezo electric motion to fine tune the head positioning to a higher degree of precision.
  • Femto Slider — These drives incorporate the femto slider form factor in which the read/write head is mounted on the small, lightweight femto slider which allows the head to move more quickly from track to track on the disk.
  • NoTouch Ramp Load Technology — The recording head never touches the disk media ensuring significantly less wear to the recording head and media as well as better drive protection in transit.
  • Pre-emptive Wear Leveling (PWL) — This WD feature provides a solution for protecting the recording media against mechanical wear. In cases where the drive is so busy with incoming commands that it is forced to stay in a same cylinder position for a long time, the PWL control engine initiates forced seeks so that disk lubricant maintains an even distribution and does not become depleted. This feature ensures reliability for applications that perform a high incidence of read/write operations at the same physical location on the disk.
  • Fluid Dynamic Bearings (FDB) — Bearing design that incorporates a layer of high-viscosity lubricant instead of ball bearings in the hard drive spindle motor. As an alternative to conventional ball bearing technology, FDB designs provide increased non-operational shock resistance, speed control, and improved acoustics.
  • Premium Protection — Designed with tarnish-resistant components, this WD Purple drive offers premium protection in harsh environments where surveillance systems may be installed.
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